3rd Grade Handbook

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Third Grade Expectations and Curriculum


We, at Brandon Elementary, have developed school-wide guidelines for student behavior.  These guidelines are designed to help students achieve their greatest potential and have a positive learning experience.  The guidelines are following “THE LYNX WAY”.  We will focus and strive to achieve “THE LYNX WAY” every day at Brandon Elementary! 


  1. Be Respectful.


  1. Be Kind.


  1. Be Responsible.


  1. Be Safe.


  1. Be Active Learners.


In addition to these guidelines, teachers have developed behavioral programs to meet their individual classroom needs.  These are implemented to keep school a productive, safe, enriching environment for your child.


Children are expected to follow the school and classroom guidelines.  We believe that one of the best things we can do for your child is to teach respect for themselves and others.  Continuing to build a positive self-image is something we work on all year.   We also continue to emphasize taking responsibility for our actions.    We hope that we will have your support in these areas.




Our students will be using the Reading Street series this year.  Within this series, students will be learning about a variety of genres, literary elements, and expanding their vocabulary.  Along with the reading series, students will have the opportunity to read a variety of novels.  We are hoping to extend their knowledge in comprehension and helping them continue on their track to being fluent readers.  Reading will be one of the subjects that will be tested on the Smarter Balanced test in April.

Along with the reading series we will be using the program Response through Intervention (RtI). This program is designed to help improve a student’s reading fluency and comprehension skills.  The students will meet in small groups with specific instructions to fit their individual needs.


Accelerated Reader – AR


            Accelerated Reader is an important part of our reading curriculum.  At the beginning of the year, a STAR test is taken to determine a students reading range.  Students read a book within this range and then complete a test to check comprehension.  Third grade students are required to take their AR tests independently.   

All books are clearly labeled with reading levels in the library.  If you would like to check a books reading level or point total at home, this information is available at http://www.arbookfin.com/UserType.aspx.

Reading goals are set each quarter by the teacher and student.  An individual point goal is set, as well as an 85% comprehension goal.  If their point goal and percent goal are met at the end of each quarter students will be able to attend the reward party for reaching their goal. 

AR offers a wide range of genres; including fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, historical fiction, and biographies.  A wide array of topics are also covered, sports, animals, cars, wars, racing, cooking, and countries.  Our AR library offers something for everyone!


Word Study


            Word study is included with our reading series.  A spelling list of 20words will be sent home each Monday.  The final test each week is on Friday.  As a class, we will work on the spelling words throughout the week but encourage students to practice their words each day after school. 




            We will focus on the basic parts of speech along with sentence structure and punctuation.


Planners and Folders


Student planners are to be brought home every day, signed by parent or guardian, and returned to school the following day.  We have developed a take home folder system.  It is designed to help facilitate communication between home and school.  Each student will use a LYNX binder.  This binder should go home each evening and be brought back to school the next morning.  Please ask to see the LYNX binder each evening and return it each morning. 




Our students are going to be using the McGraw- Hill series My Math. The following units will be covered throughout the course of the year: Place Value and Money, Addition and Subtraction, Data and Probability, Multiplication and Division Basic Facts, Measurement, Geometry and Measurement, Fractions and Decimals, and Multiplication and Division by 1-Digit Numbers.  We will also be doing a variety of weekly activities to improve math facts.  Math will be one of the subjects that will be tested on the Smarter Balanced test in April. 


Science and Health   


The science curriculum will consist of Mystery Science.  It includes hands-on lessons and experiments. We will also watch Mystery Doug's weekly lessons as well.  Students really enjoy Mystery Science and learn many interesting facts and information through the lessons and experiments.



Social Studies


            Social Studies will be using the series Kids Discover by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.  They will learn about the following units:  Mapping Our World Communities, U.S. Geography, People and the Environment, Protecting Resources, Communities Change, Amazing Inventions, Ancient Civilizations, Saving and Spending, Producers and Consumers, Culture Expressions Around the World, America Heritage and Culture, How America Works, Role of Citizens, Settling the Land, and The First People.       




            We will use Zaner-Bloser handwriting rules and students will also learn how to write using upper and lowercase cursive letters by winter break.  We will be writing in cursive by January.  




            Parent Teacher Conferences will be held twice a year.  We look forward to this time to visit with you about your child and how their experience is going in third grade!  Please make it a priority to attend these conferences if possible.  Thank you! 



  Important People at Brandon Elementary


            Principal      Mr. Horst

            Secretary     Mrs. Cummings

            Gym            Mr. Duncanson

            Music          Mrs. Fode

            Computer    Mr. Gappa

            Library        Mrs. Erickson

            Art               Mrs. Reiff

            Counselor    Mrs. Kolb


Grading is based on the district grading scale. 

A         92-100

B         83-91

C         74-82

D         65-73

F          0-64